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“VIGYAPAN BAZAR is intuitive for our marketing & advertising needs . I would say - Amazing Service”

Dr Amit Tarafdar,

AK Eye Hospital, Bareilly

VIGYAPAN BAZAR provides complete advertising solutions for SRS Cinema's in India

VIGYAPAN BAZAR provides complete FM Radio Advertising Solutions.


VIGYAPANBAZAR  is an Advertising initiative - An Advertising Agency works with individuals, groups & organisations to provide support in business decision making to manage their communication

needs for business growth and development.

WE are client-centric organisation believes in high emphasis on quality & commitment. WE offers customised multidisciplinary advertising and marketing services to build brand, create awareness and accelerate the sales function of our clients. We are a team of experienced

professionals with diverse skills and expertise. Our in-house capabilities understand the communication needs of the client right

from conceptualization, design to implementation.

VIGYAPANBAZAR belive ‘Everything is Possible’ and any individuals, groups and organisations can imagine, act and achieve their organisational goals supported by right direction and decision making.Type your paragraph here.


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VIGYAPAN BAZAR delivered everything they promised. Professional & Responsive. Wonderful experience.”

R.K. Bansal

Arihant Classes , Bareilly

VIGYAPAN BAZAR provides complete outdoor advertising solutions in Bareilly & nearby regions.


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VIGYAPAN BAZAR provides complete Newspaper Advertising Solutions.

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